The Stones of the Post Man

Having been really moved by Tagore this blog is dedicated to both of the short stories, hopefully.
” After that comes the misery of awakening, and then once again the longing to get back into the maze of the same mistakes.”

Having gone over multiple meanings/endings to the Postmaster, I decided to share the ending I read from my edition which was a scan online and the source is this link-

So Why I like this ending the most is because of the language of the translator, as I feel the other endings leave so much to ambiguity, this one sort of, metaphorically straightforward, as it gives words to the feeling of Time consistently flowing.

” I took out a bank-note, and gave it to him, saying: “Go back to your own daughter, Rahmun, in your own country, and may the happiness of your meeting bring good fortune to my child!”

Having made this present, I had to curtail some of the festivities. I could not have the electric lights I had intended, nor the military band, and the ladies of the house were despondent at it. But to me the wedding feast was all the brighter for the thought that in a distant land a long-lost father met again with his only child.”

This ending to “The Hungry Stones”
Gives off the same kind of perpetual nature of life, a life that is not “happy” for lack of a better word. something to be expected, or lost, the UN-natrual-ness of something coming to a conclusion…

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