“The taint of the dark, narrow, dingy little prison cells of their one-roomed homes lurked in them, however, even in the outdoor air. They were silent as if the act of liberation was too much for them to bear. The great life-giver had cut the inscrutable knots that tied them up in themselves. I‎t had melted the innermost parts of their being. And their souls stared at the wonder of it all, the mystery of it, the miracle of it.”

Untouchable, Mulk Raj Anand (page 27)

So far I am finding this book very interesting, but this passage stuck out to me in particular. I‎t is interesting the way Anand equates their homes with prison cells, and how he portrays merely stepping into the sun as a form of liberation. I think that Anand highlights the one-roomed, tiny homes as a way to symbolize the low social class and how it limits freedom in such a stratified caste system. Stepping out of the homes, even for a moment, represents breaking away from the binding structure of their impoverished lives.